The Power of Negative Attitude.... or... "whatever it is, I'm sure it'll end in bloodshed & taxes"

Admitting to my own limitations and "personality defects" here, and not merely yelling down from a pedestal some ungrounded and untested waffle. So please listen.

Freemen, conspiracy theorists, and Social Activists in general should recognise and take on board the power of their attitudes. I'm not talking about "positive thinking" here, that's wildly different and nefarious New Age propaganda. A positive attitude may entertain both "positive" and "negative" (if that division actually exists) thoughts while a negative attitude generally only reaches for both as well. Attitude is the catalyst that changes the properties of either dualistic point.

I felt the need to air this because I've noticed that a negative attitude about almost everything is interwoven into our neurology: the way we see ourselves, the way we see others, and the way we see the Greater Mystery.
To me it's quite obvious that the way we approach something changes the scope and range of possibilities available to us, so I'm not one bit surprised that things aren't going well for the Human Family.

A lot of people open their mouths around these parts and an avalanche of cynicism just flies out and sits there - static in time - for others to come along an absorb. We know that most of our waking lives we spend unconscious, going about our daily tasks, it's much easier to absorb a thought-form unaware. Well it's not particularly fair to the most vulnerable of us to see sentiments that basically amount to: "Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll end in bloodshed and taxes."

I'm absolutely certain that if everything you have to say to the rest of the world amounts to that kind of cynical "passive observer" or "passerby" mentality then you're in no way in touch with your life's purpose and most likely poisoning the well for the rest of us. You could say this is a good means to observe your attitude and all-round health. If your main fixation is the walls closing in, then you have no control over your life.

A prime example and excellent demonstration of this dynamic appears to be the Occupy Movements that have cropped up world-wide. At least in Galway I see some great things happening insofar as restructuring community, spreading a message of possibility, and opening people up to a more playful expression of themselves. But I've never seen so much cynicism built around a movement in my life. These positive outcomes are invisible, the "negative" aspects are given too much attention, and/or there isn't enough time to lend a hand.
It's one thing to not notice any of the positive achievements of the Occupations or perhaps you've got more important things to do; but if you see something wrong with any of these camps then it's your job (being the person who can see this problem) to get involved and help others see that.

Are you watching TV or are you participating in life?
Are you avoiding legitimate avenues of change and self-empowerment in exchange for reading "the news" and devaluing yourself and others?

Don't "judge" yourself over it. Recognise that this happens to be the fact. Don't hate yourself for it, don't give yourself grief over it... life is hard enough on you without your help, and you'd only be perpetuating the negative attitude you're trying to isolate and understand.

See how just right Now in this moment is a good place. It's the only thing you'll ever own, and it's TINY. Now is a very small possession. But it's power and magnitude extend beyond our imaginations. So don't trade that in for anything less.
From this moment where we eternally stand, we have the power to be healthy or unhealthy - which one will serve you best?

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Very good post, I have often felt the same for a long time.

Its in our nature, when looking for info about what evil has been foisted on us today, we tend to search out the negative. When we visit the many different sources of info about, nwo, conspiracies ect. We are drawn to the negative things happening, more so than the positive.

Is it because we want to confirm in ourselves, all the shit that is happening around us. And thus we are concerned moreso with negative energy, and thereby giving energy to it. Rather than spreading the positive around us.

We have to spread more love energy around us all, and for us all, to affect change.



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